Stickers FAQ's

How can Sir Blackhand copyright the Kingdoms devices?

The blazon of the kingdoms device is a written description. My original artwork is an interpretation of that blazon. If you want to draw your own kingdom device follow the blazon and make your own art.

Will Sir Blackhand print Principalities or Baronial devices?

No. I use high quality screen printing to produce the stickers. The quantities and distribution are too small to make them economically. For small quantities I suggest using the "Thermal Transfer" method available at sign makers.

Why don't you print the Kingdoms badges rather than the Kingdoms devices?

The kingdoms badges have all the graphic appeal of a Cub Scout merit badge (no disrespect to the Cub Scouts). Too few people recognize them. Some kingdoms restrict the kingdom device to the exclusive use of King & Queen, leaving the kingdom badge for the populace. Other kingdoms are not so restrictive. The Kingdom of An Tir sold mugs with the kingdom device to benefit the Royal Travel Fund. "See Beautiful British Columbia" on the back of a car was the inspiration for making the kingdoms stickers. I have yet to see a car invited to court.

What stickers should dealers buy?

I have found that event sales run at approximately:
55% The Kingdom I'm in
43% SCA
2% Other Kingdoms

Why do some stickers use yellow and others use gold?

I am in the process of changing the ink color yellow to metallic gold. As the stickers come up for reprinting the color will change.

Become a dealer for an SCA item that sells like duct tape!
Wholesale Stickers Prices: $1.10 each
Any combination to total 50 stickers minimum.
Shipping at cost.
Shipping weight 16 oz. per 100 stickers.
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Check US post office for prices

Dealers my pay via Money Order, Pay Pal, or Check (if I know you). To pay dealer orders with PayPal go directly to Open your account, select Send Money and use sirb(at) as the recipient. Type the details of your order in the notes area.
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