The Wonderful

Tennis Ball Crossbow

Designed for SCA combat archery as used in Kingdom of An Tir.

The ball carrier and tennis ball slide on two stainless steel rails. The ball shoots through the center of the square tubing frame to a range of 40 yards.

With a folding rear sight and rugged solid oak stock. At 7 lb. it's light enough that a sholder stock is not needed.

The fiberglass limbs supply 1000 inch/lb. of power.

29-1/2" L - 36-1/2" W 6-1/2" H (rear sight down).

The parts that I have been buying for my crossbows are no longer being made. So I have stopped making SCA crossbows. Sorry to disappoint my fans.

Please look at the X-BOW EXTRAS page. It may inspire you to make your own tennis ball crossbows.

Cocking is done by putting your foot through the stirrup and pulling the string on both sides of the ball carrier until the lock engages. Flip up the folding rear sitght. Place a ball under the retaining spring. You are ready to shoot.

Remove one bolt on each limb for takedown.

** The Wonderful Crossbow is warranted for one year for use under normal conditions. This warranty covers all parts and labor except the bow string.

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